Sean Twomey's Resume. Sean Twomey's BCIT Student Website.

Welcome to Sean Twomey's webpage!

I am posting some things that I have done as I learn to do them.  I am very interested in learning how to program, especially on the web.  This is where I can show some of the things I can do.  Sadly, my webserver hosted by godaddy doesn't have PostgreSQL.  So I am limited by MySQL which is still pretty good but limited in terms of what it can do with Spatial data.

This page is kind of simple right now, I will try to spruce it up as I go.  For now, it serves as a landing page where I can post my work.

A pull-down created by PHP with a generated list of available databases. From the pull-down you can select a database and a new table will be output in HTML

A default table is initially shown, this code allows you to enter a SQL statement to control what you want shown. The list of available tables is show above. This is a good way to learn some SQL!

I am also working on something that will process a Traverse and display Area, Closure, etc...

This is for the simple calculation of vertical curves using 3 VPI's, their elevations, and a curve length

This is something I have been wanting to work on for some time. A program that I can dump in control data, and traverse data spitting out coordinates. I have actually needed this several times this past month, my datacollector decided to stop talking to my total station!

This is for temporary files